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We have searched high and low and as a repairing garage we have unfortunately spent many hours on the repairing end of customer warranties and dealing with the complications they bring. The truth is that warranty companies make their money by not paying for repairs and leave customers in positions where they are unhappy. Dealing with cars of notable value also means that warranty companies often set their claim limits so low that they do not cover anything substantial such as engines and gearboxes, and I am sure you agree, these are the main reasons for taking out such a warranty.

We have witnessed first-hand where customers have had sudden failures on vehicles and have been left picking up the bill. It goes without saying that no business will cover consumable items such as tyres and brake pads nor will it cover abuse or a vehicle used in motorsport - amateur or professional. We have however seen customers suffer repair bills in situations where the vehicle has failed. The supplying garages hide behind the warranty that was supplied with the vehicle, insisting the owner takes their up disappointment with the warranty company.

This isn’t what we want for our customers. We have underwritten a warranty with a sister company meaning that we will cover your vehicle should it fail. We inspect every vehicle we buy. We do not just buy vehicles unseen and as a result we are confident that your vehicle will be as reliable as it can be and should the vehicle have less than 6 months MOT it will come with a full clean 12 Month MOT.

It goes without saying that vehicles can fail without notice and with all our best intentions they cannot be foreseen. However, we will stand by the vehicle and repair the vehicle out of our own pockets. Unlike most performance vehicles outlets that hide behind “I am just a salesman – I know nothing about mechanics” we take a different stance. We know nearly every common failure on these vehicles and they will always be checked prior to sale.

Because our background is vehicle maintenance we will also always practice what we preach, if you have a suspension shock absorber fail then we will replace a pair not just one. If you are a paying customer or if we need to pay out we will treat the repair the same.

We do however occasionally have vehicles that have manufacturers warranty, either they are nearly new or a customer has taken out an extended manufactures warranty that are often transferable to the new owner. If you are to purchase one of these vehicles it goes without saying that this warranty should be used first. However, we want every single customer happy and will always ask you to email us to discuss any issue you have had with a vehicle we have supplied.