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PSR Automotive does not offer finance directly. We are not regulated to do so. We are however able to offer access to a huge array of Motor Finance options via a preferred partner. We will not deal with any of your sensitive information and will never ask for it.

What we can do is give customers an indication of a potential repayment, purely to help you understand if a vehicle is approximately within your budget. We must stress that this is purely for guidance and once you provide your full credit file directly to our preferred finance broker there is a chance that the rate or any potential fees could change.

We do not insist that that only our finance broker is used; as long as funds clear into our account before the vehicle is collected, we are happy. The broker we would recommend is someone that we have personally used multiple times for our own vehicles and our recommendation is based on our own experiences, which is something not all vehicle resellers can say.

Your credit file is important and if abused can take years to rebuild. We would not recommend anyone to our customers who does not understand and respect the importance of your credit file and have the significant experience to help tailor your application and credit file to the most suitable credit providers.