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Sell Your Car

PSR Automotive can offer 3 main solutions to enthusiasts and collectors. They are all standard options found across the industry. However, transparency is where we like to be different.

  1. Straight Purchase – the most straightforward for both us and yourself, between us we come to an agreement on a figure for us to purchase your vehicle outright. Within this figure we would include the managing of any outstanding finance and any transferral of number plates should this be required. Whilst our main stock will always be Porsche, Lotus and Aston Martin vehicles there is no harm in contacting us about your other vehicles as our extensive trade network might be able to return you the price you need and will always be more favourable then the likes of webuyanycar.com or similar. Even if you have decided to sell privately, why not give us the opportunity to offer you a direct purchase price?
  2. Sale or Return – this is often referred to as SOR, this is discussed on a case by case basis. Normally our intention is to offer the vehicle over and above the standard private sale price, meaning that our “fees” and “costs” do not always affect the owner's return over sale a private sale removing a lot of the hassle and risk involved in private sales such as uninsured test drives. SOR comes with its own complications. If we are selling a stock vehicle or a vehicle on SOR we still must ensure the vehicle meets our standards and carry one of our own warranties which we must honour. This can mean that the vehicle requires work doing at the owner's cost prior to sale, any work required on a SOR vehicle will be carried out at a rate lower than our standard retail fees. When PSR Automotive agrees to market your vehicle, we enter an agreement much like when you sell your home. We would have exclusivity for a set period and we would not take a penny from the owner until the vehicle is sold. All sales invoices are provided to owners so they can see exactly what their vehicle sold for and where money is split. The vehicle will never be released unless funds are cleared and verified from our bank. SOR can often return slightly more to the owner than a Straight Purchase but the time it takes to get this return can vary massively depending on the vehicle and its specification and sometimes if the vehicle is depreciating then the difference between SOR and an Outright Sale can be surprisingly close.
  3. Part-Exchange – The most common of options as it allows owners a straightforward transition from one vehicle to another. We however do not purchase vehicles unseen and always treat every vehicle as a separate entity and we must be sure that the vehicle we are taking in as part exchange meets the same standard as the vehicle we are selling. Obviously, a used vehicle may require some work which is fair enough but if you have multiple faults in your vehicle this is likely to be reflecting in its part exchange value. As above we will generally only be reselling Porsche, Lotus and Aston Martin Vehicles but we have access to a large trade network in the background meaning no matter what your vehicle is we may just have a home lined up for it.