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Special Vehicle Operations

Whilst we try to pick vehicles with the best specification to please as many of our clientele as possible there is no avoiding that we are all individuals and that is often reflected in many aspects of our lives including our vehicles.

If we have a car that isn’t quite perfect for you then let us know and we may be able to mould a stock vehicle into the car you always wanted, it can be in any way you can imagine. Whether you desire something straightforward like a change of colour to the wheels or brake callipers through to bespoke body panels and the reengineered drive train.

If you want work done to a vehicle please email us so we can discuss. If it is something minor or something major we might be able to help; we carry out bespoke product development for customers (and external clients) frequently, even if you end up finding a vehicle elsewhere please consider us developing your vehicle into whatever you want it to be.