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Bespoke Vehicles

Making your vehicle your own is something very important to many clients; whilst the manufacturers invest huge sums of money designing and developing their products to the perfect specification, it doesn’t mean it is your perfect specification.

Building on PSR Automotive’s design and engineering background we can work with you to build any vehicle you require, either by modifying or fabricating existing solutions or designing and developing solutions from scratch. PSR Design & Engineering is a subsidiary of PSR Automotive and has either directly carried out or/and managed various teams to help create products/solutions otherwise not available on the market.

Be it a bespoke drivetrain, chassis alterations, recreation of obsolete components or embracing the current trend of re-engineering old vehicles to a point where there is almost nothing but the vehicle body form itself left to the original vehicle specification PSR Automotive will be able to make your bespoke vehicles a reality.

As with restorations, these projects are not possible to quote based only on a phone conversation, and require further correspondance and feasibility studies to ensure that your dream can be delivered within realistic timeframes and costs.

Please email us to discuss your desires and how we might be able to help.