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When it comes to restorations, no two cars and no two projects are the same.

Whether you want a nut-and-bolt ground-up restoration, or want to get a non-road-worthy classic through its MOT and safely back on the road. PSR Automotive has had the pleasure of keeping priceless vehicles in their exacting condition through to getting “barn find” vehicles back to good health that have gone on to compete internationally at classic rallies.

Obviously, it unfortunately it goes without saying that it is almost impossible to give guidance on pricing for getting vehicles restored, however if you can forward us as many high definition images as possible we will endeavour to try and give some kind of advice. It is however only guidance and when it comes to classic vehicles there can often be unforeseen issues that are not apparent at first glance, and will always be subject to further discussions.

There are also opportunities to retrofit or update your classics. Whether it's retrofitting air conditioning, updating ignition systems, designing and building bespoke wiring looms or even fabricating a later new engine into a classic body, PSR Automotive has probably already carried out a similar brief on behalf of other clients.

Please contact us to discuss your restoration necessities and your ultimate goals and we can hopefully work together to get you and your vehicle where you want to be.