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Track Preparation

Whether you are a professional racer or someone who has never done a track day before, PSR Automotive will be able help ensure your vehicle is suitably prepared to your required standard.

Both professional racing and track days require financial investment. Nothing can avoid mechanical failure, but anything from a nut and bolt rebuild prior to a new season renewing all that is consumable, to a quick safety check of suspension, tyres and brakes prior to a your first track day, it is quite often the way that investing in an inspection ahead of time can help ensure that your vehicle runs the best it can and gives the owner the best return on the experience.

Pre track day inspections start from £110+VAT and might just highlight something that could have resulted in a track day spent in the pit lane, and not enjoying the circuit time you have invested in.

If you want a vehicle built to your and/or a race series’ exacting standard, or even providing support from transport to and from circuits, to mechanical service onsite, all can be catered for. We will try to build a package that best suits your requirements and budget.

Please contact us to discuss further.