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Even vehicles engineered to the highest specification and meticulously maintained can suffer from mechanical failure that might require more specialist facilities.

PSR Automotive is equipped with a commercial-rated tilting flatbed Brian James trailer built to their usual very high standards. PSR Automotive is fully insured and trained to ensure your pride and joy travels from A to B safely and securely.

No matter the vehicle, the tilting bed will accommodate everything from a Porsche Cayenne to a track prepared Lotus 340R and should you need to travel with the vehicle then our tow vehicle will ensure you travel in comfort.

Your vehicle will be secured firmly to the trailer using the straps of choice at Brian James. Your vehicle’s seat will be covered and your number plates covered to ensure the vehicle’s identity is kept safe.

PSR Automotive also has use of multiple commercial vehicles taking up to 5 cars in one trip, both covered and not. If you have a collection of vehicles that might need moving across the country why not get in touch and ask for a quotation.